Thursday, January 28, 2010

Asaphειες' whole archive online

For once more, all the comic-strips of my online series "Asaphειες" are online, this time on the site of Comicdom Press (started in
You now, also, can rate and comment on all the comic strips of Comicdom Press.

Stay tuned for more info, coming SOON...

Friday, January 22, 2010

The always necessary post of introducing/establishing my quirks

I'm watching my cat, Kiriko, stretching on my bed. I'm sitting on my leather chair, wrapped in a fleece blanket, sipping tea and reading the news on my pc, while listening to music, while uploading photos on Flickr, while watching One Piece, while twisting my toes, while contemplating on things I gotta do and when to do them.

While observing this:

which makes me pretty unwilling to go to work, because I'll freeze (while getting there, and while being there).

Don't get me wrong, I like, *like*, LIKE cold, but I prefer dry cold, not rain, not rince-wind, and I utterly HATE HATE HATE humid weather. And that's what we're having for breakfast/brunch/lunch and supper. I also like to not having to *go* to work, but rather work inside, sipping my tea - in which I've sprinkled cayenne pepper - and listening to music. Or watching a film along with a friend or a loved one.

But, I guess, these are breaks we are not given that easily.

I wish I had the necessary funds backing me, then I'd turn into a first grade hikikomori, a recluse, I'd only go out when I really had to (like going to a funeral:P even tho' I can't say I like funerals and that I shouldn't prolly attend them, since I am bipolar and that's not helping:P). Then I'd send a car for my friends to come over (I'd be a visitor-friendly hikikomori:P) and let them stay as much as they wanted. Thus, never having to face and communicate with another stupid customer(see Note below) or person that *I* would not want to. And not having to stand buses ( I can't stand buses). And during the night, I'd work and think about sad stuff and feel blue, which I can assure you I'm pretty good at and doing it for quite some time now :P

So please, someone, give me a job which I can do from home that has the minimum amount of needed direct communication as possible and I promise I'm going to make you proud of my work:P Deal? :D

PS. Dark overlord would be nice, too. I can't say I really like the sun, so something underground and shady is really ok :P

PPS. At least I'm happy I'm making some progress in something I'm making at the mo'.

PPPS Madagascarian vanilla rox

(Note: YEAH, most people outside are stupid and I cannot stand talking to them and explaining every single stupid thing they ask me. Especially because some things are obvious and because the act of asking questions to people means that you have the quota of gray matter needed for understanding the answer they give you!!! So, when I'm nice and helpful. I'm not nice and helpful, I'm just PRETENDING to be nice and helpful, you silly sods. I am *really* nice to people I choose to, not to whomever my second job chooses). And, yeah, I'm an asshole, I know, but I least I don't have the problem admitting it and explaining the reason :P )

Switching from BraveJournal

So, BraveJournal served me fine during these years, I have lots of memories (both good and bad) that will remain online with that blog...
But, in the name of convenience and due to laziness (BraveJournal can be a royal pain) I thought I'd evolve into the more user-friendly Blogspot.

Farewell old "Journal Of A Wandering Mind", hello new "The Sleep Deprived 21th Century Psycho [ver 2.0F]"

(Alas, I cannot import my old blog here... So I guess it's a fresh start with a blank slate..)