"Bright and bold colors
- whatchareading.com

“[...] the book rattles along with huge amounts of pace, verve and energy thanks to Harry Saxon on colors in particular.”

"Harry Saxon’s colours give the comic plenty of air, with bare colours that balance out the eccentric set-up of the plot.
-A Place To Hang Your Cape

"[...]Harry Saxon’s manic technicolor palette, with neon greens, pinks, and blues popping off the page. Saxon’s colors, while extremely vibrant, feel artificial at times, lending a plastic quality to the images.

Harry Saxon’s psychedelic colours that really make the images pop off the page. Fluorescent neon lights and brightly coloured clothing are the order of the day here, and his almost blindingly bright colour palette only adds to the vacuous, superficial nature of the world that Harry French has created.

 "Saxon’s colour work means it’s vibrant and in your face"
-Forbidden Planet

"[...] the star of the show remains the blindingly garish (in a good way) colour work of Harry Saxon, who helps give the book its utterly distinctive visual style.  He and Mac work smoothly together to create a world where everything is fake and superficial, providing all manner of eye-catching splash pages and visual beats along the way as they keep the story flowing forwards.

"Matched perfectly, again with Harry Saxon’s colours in what can only be described as the artistic equivalent of spooning…..artist & colourist in sync and providing a vivid, rich depth to the world being gloriously laid out on the pages"

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  1. Harry came up with a brilliant cover for my first published work, 'The Journey and other short stories', and kindly wrote a blog about the process! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him.