Thursday, September 16, 2010


I was tagged by Chris to make a list with ten things I love and to also tag 10 people to do this.
I don't know who'd want to do this, or who reads my posts regularly, so I "free tag" whomever would like to do this.

It's a bit difficult for me to list the things I love, I dont know for sure what I love, but I'll try...
No order whatsover.

1. Kiriko

2. Great Britain. I like almost every aspect of their culture, always did, always will. If I lived there I'd be gay (old meaning). And maybe I'd be Tennant or Simm if I was offered the position :P(not a fangirl, I want to be them:P).
[DW fan alert]

3. Japan. Voted by the majority as the nation most likely to be extra terrestrial. If I lived there I'd most prolly be: a) a hikikomori, b)part of a background filling mangaka team or, c) dead.

4. Tea. I could eat tea, dream tea, speak tea, even FUCK tea. Tea is great. Really. True story.

5. Books/comics/manga. I like this papery feeling. Makes my fingers prickly.

6. Making props. I love making things. (also: my job)

7. Cosplay. I am a jerk, I know. The world is full of jerks, face it, I am one of the harmless ones (maybe). But I like this hobby. I also like the friends I've made through that, or the friends that joined me (nakamatachi!).
[If you dont know what cosplay is, its ok. No love lost there.]

8. Snow. White and pure as my heart will never be (or people in general).

9. Madagascarian vanilla.

10. Biting, sucking, eating. Maybe something odd happened in the womb while I was a  tadpole. I like using my mouth to suck my thumb, bite my nails, pencils, bite whatever. Makes me concentrate. I also lick my teeth when I 'm thinking about bad things:P(lame, I know).

Feel free to tag yourselves and friends (I'm cheap haha that's cheating). If you know me in person you can tell me your 10 things when you meet me :)

Adieu for now. Going to kick some aluminum sheets.