Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yogi Tea

(01/11/2010. Auto scheduled for 07/11/2010 - testing)

Recently I bought a pack of a beverage called Yogi Tea. It's an ayurvedic tea (tho' I'm not into ayurveda and it's not a tea, because it doesn't have ANY tea inside, it's an infusion :P.
It's of "Classic" flavour, which is described right below that as "Cinnamon Spice". Cinnamon's good, so I bought it. It was worth it. REALLY nice.
But what I found really interesting was that this tea infusion was in a way like fortune cookies.
Every teabag (oh, you pervs:P) had a small phrase in the paper holding the thread of the bag. The phrase was always something good, about ego-boosting, not being too depressed and things that are supposed to be heart-warming and such. And by devilish coincidence, every time I wasn't feeling well and reached for a tea-bag... the phrases were like answers to my thoughts.. REALLY CREEPY.
I don't believe in  fate or thngs like that, fuck you Yogi Tea, you maybe delicious but you're not my.. eh... Sorry, I'm ranting. To a tea packet.

Anyway, these things are meant to be good, right? And may be good for some but, to be honest, they creep me out and usually depress me more. Haha, funny.

I took some photos tho', with my trusty LG Optimus. The first one is my all time fav photo, the best -as a concept- I've ever shot.

(That was actually the answer to the thoughts: "Blargh I am a crappy artist" I must get better but I don't have the potential SIGH" )

Monday, November 1, 2010

Peek a boo


I see you. 

I wish I didn't. I'm sick of you, actually:/
Bored, tired. Empty.

Great Dexter episode btw.
The gif's not a spoiler, I just liked and made a gif.