Tuesday, February 9, 2010

..but some stupid with a flare gun..

The other day, when I was walking back home from work, I heard the sound of a distant guitar. An amateurish guitar. The guy (or girl) was trying to play...

...guess what...

yeah, it was Smoke On The Water... you guessed it right.
I was wondering about whether the owner of the guitar liked rock or they played that song because they just had to. I think that if someone has a guitar, and they try to learn to play, they are bound to try playing this song.
Is it the best song ever? I doubt that. It's just a catchy classic.
Is it THAT simple? No, if you judge by the way those amateurs' guitars sound like .. :P

I like this song, I was raised in a way that I appreciate rock and hard rock (and its' by-products etc etc), but...
Smoke On The Water, I hate you as much as I like you.. Couldn't you be less awesome or less easy? It's like hearing a violin playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (all Greeks now will recognize an old tv ad). Those songs for training.. I get it... But wtf..
Why Smoke On The Water and not, let's say, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun?
It's pretty easy, dan dan daaan dan-dan..SEE?! Now you play it! ..GOOD!

Sometimes it feels like a song that was raped and murdered and then raped again by too many bad covers. And that's a generic out-of-the-blue rant, but I just felt like saying it.

Please good people of the world, aspiring guitarists, flutists and so on.. stop fist-fucking Smoke On The Water. It's a decent song and I used to like it a lot.