Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Art: John Simm

As you've prolly noticed by now ( :P ) I am a huge fan of John Simm. I think he's a great actor, even if underrated, I like the way he looks and I ENVY him. So I made a freehand sketch of him as practice and wee tribute. SO, here's Sam Tyler, played by John Simm, from the UK tv show "Life On Mars".
Done directly on PSCS5 using a Wacom Graphire3 pen, 1 hour, limited 5 colour palette (not counting the background).

(you can also find it here:
and also my FB page here: )

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What a relief! Harry isn't dead (yet)!

Yes! (or Alas!) after several months from my last post (April 22nd) I'm posting again to say:
I am not dead yet. It's true that I'm going through the toughest, most difficult phase of my life, but I'm trying as to keep calm and bite my upper (even though it's usually the lower) lip hard and keep going. No, I am not going to post a "Keep calm and..." poster, even though I have made one in the past. You're safe for now.
So, what happened during those months, you say? (bear with me, these are not going to be in order)

I've (at last) made a PDF folio. I think I'm kinda proud of it for now. Behold:

I made a Facebook Page for my work. You can find it here:
If you have a Facebook account please Like and share if you like my work even a bit.

I haz more business cards now!
(in case you want some to give to people, drop me a line)

My colouring work was featured in Fuctart online magazine. I am grateful they asked to feature me, but I spent some time making the pages I sent them and they just cropped and used some images without credits. Bit cross with that. Feel free to register and download the latest issue (#18) here:

I have started therapy. It's for my transition and also mending some very deep wounds my soul has, so, either way, helpful. I'm trying to become a better person, a one that doesn't break down that easily and, lately, this happened a lot, so, work in progress there.
Anyway, I shouldn't write these things, but it's an artist's blog and my personal blog, so yes, why not.

I have made a mastectomy fund. Preparing for the future of my transition. It's very very hard (possibly impossible) as to save money for that now, so if you please have something to spare, I'd be forever grateful. (You can request a sketch if you donate, I'd be happy to make one, or commission me ^^)

I am now 30 years old, my fab girlfriend had her birthday 2 days ago and we’re now almost 1,5 year together. Yay us. Also:
My hair's all salt and pepper now. Mature much?

By the way:
my friend Lu gave me a tie for my birthday, making it officially the 10th tie I have. I am very proud of my tie collection (8 silk ones, 2 synthetic). This tie is the bee’s knees.

Also: my friend Lu took me by the ear and we went to London and then Sheffield to see John Simm perform in Harold Pinter’s Betrayal at The Crucible. I popped my British theatre cherry with my beloved (and utter bloody northern BASTARD) John Simm. I’m happy I lived through that and didn’t melt on the spot. The theatre was great, the play was great (I luv Pinter), John was great, the weather wasn’t that great (bloody soddy sun!) and oh, I met the TARDIS at last. And 2 friends of mine from deviantArt, Jemma and Alice :D we shared a pint and I was so glad to actually meet them.

My friend Sofia got into the Athens school of Graphic Design. I was so glad but I couldn’t express that because I’m a jerk (I was really depressed).

I got acquainted to a kitten I thought was going to be my future cat, but didn’t make it, it was terribly ill. Some people called it Joe, but I wanted to name it Koschei. RIP Kos.

I attended Athens Pride and the first Thess Pride. It’s just Pride, people, not Gay Pride. There. 

I made a sketch of the Ninth Doctor and one of the Eleventh Doctor. Here are both of them, hope you like:

That's all for now, I think. Hope I'll update again soon. Take care of yourselves and think a little bit of me. Ta!