Monday, September 16, 2013

I woke up to this

I usually fall asleep while talking on Skype with my girlfriend (I'm in a long distance relationship),  we usually watch something and talk and I get groggy and fall asleep so I wake up to Skype logs that say how cute I look when I'm sleeping and linking to nice stuff.

Today I woke up to read this:

We'll live together in the middle of the North with a pet cheetah and a doggie, a reasonable doggie, and brew tea day and night and have sex on elegant beds and enjoy life.
We'll have tentacle candle holders on the mantlepiece and tentacle bath hooks in the bathroom and tentacles climbing up the four poster bed.

And we'll have feather pillows,
and you'll have William Blake paintings in your office and I'll put up ridiculous,  pretentious quotes from my favorite pre-Modern authors.
And I'll write and teach and you'll color and complain that no one does their inks properly and we'll moan together about shite telly and tsk at the Daily Mail.
This is the best thing she ever left me.