Sunday, April 22, 2012

New art!

 Hello, people that read my blog. I've neglected to do so recently, and I should do it more often, so, I am posting coloring samples :)

Colors I did for IDW's comic anthology WOMANTHOLOGY: HEROIC. I contributed colouring 10 pages for this comic and 4 others.

"MOOK n ME" Pencils by Eugenia Koumaki, inks by Avgi Kanaki.
Colors by me.
As always: left is what I received, right, what I gave back.

The comic was also featured in the Comicdom Con Athens 2012 exclusive comic anthology WOMANTHOLOGY: HEROIC GREEK DIVISION

 Colors I did for IDW's comic anthology WOMANTHOLOGY: HEROIC. I contributed colouring 4 pages for this comic and 10 others.

"And You Will Know Them by the Rake of Their Hats", art by Jolene Houser.
Colors by me.
As always: left is what I received, right, what I gave back.

(IDW's WOMANTHOLOGY is a comics anthology by women creators. I don't identify as a woman, I identify as a man, but I wasn't "out" publicly when I contributed, so, don't ask me gender questions. Thank you.)

For more colouring samples, you can visit the colouring section of my web-gallery here: .
For a more general taste of my work you can visit here: .

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stop the press!

Stop the press, this just in: I have business cards.
Yeap, I do and they are the first ever and they feature my fav persons, me and John Simm.
And lots of black.
And a QR code that links to this.
Heh. I know I should have made cards ages ago, but yeah. This.

So, there, I thought I'd share so you can feel happy. Because I know how much you need to be happy, my babes, so I'm benevolent. No need to thank me :D

I am posting the illustration again, I know you luuurv it.

Also, a bonus, because you're good puppies.

Till next time, behave.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Little Monster That Ate The Village

There once was a little monster that lived in a village in the mountains and didn’t have a heart. He also didn’t have a name. He never had one and he didn’t know how he should be called. People used to call him however they liked, Book, Radio, Shoe, Dog… But the little monster never felt like anything of those names, so he started eating the people calling him names he didn’t like.

“Hello, Book”, said the baker.
“GOBBLE GOBBLE GRAR!” the baker was eaten.
And the monster grew.

“Hello, Radio”, said the fisherman.
“GOBBLE GOBBLE GRAR!” the fisherman was eaten.
And the monster grew more.

“Hello, Shoe”, said the sheep-herder.
“GOBBLE GOBBLE GRAR!” the sheep-herder was eaten.
And the monster grew more and more.

“Hello, Dog”, said the vicar.
“GOBBLE GOBBLE GRAR!” vicar was eaten.
And the monster grew even more and more and even more.

After every “Hello” there was always a “GOBBLE GOBBLE GRAR!” and soon the monster grew so big that he could see the whole village from above. And then he realized a terrible thing. There was no one else left in the village but the monster himself. All the houses were empty and there was no one to call the monster names he didn’t like. But he was all alone and he still didn’t have a name. He also still had no heart and that made him sad and he cried a lot.

When he couldn’t cry any more he started a journey to the next village. The people there didn’t know him at all.

“Hello, miller”, said the monster.
“Hello… Well you look like a ladder. I shall call you Ladder”
“GOBBLE GOBBLE GRAR!” the miller was eaten.
And the monster grew.
“Hello, lawyer”, said the monster.
“Hello… Well you look like a radiator. I shall call you Radiator”
“GOBBLE GOBBLE GRAR!” the lawyer was eaten.
And the monster grew more.

“Hello, fiddler”, said the monster.
“Hello… Well you look like a lamp. I shall call you Lamp”
“GOBBLE GOBBLE GRAR!” the fiddler was eaten.
And the monster grew even more and more.

“Hello, mayor”, said the monster.
“Hello… Well you look like a chair. I shall call you Chair”
“GOBBLE GOBBLE GRAR!” the mayor was eaten.
And the monster grew even more and more and even more.

The monster has eaten everyone in the new village as well. He was all alone, he still didn’t have a name, still had no heart and that made him sad and he cried again.
This happened to every village he went, until he was too tired and too big, so big that reached the sky. The sky was different, it was cool and clear. The monster liked it but he was still too sad.

“Hello”, said the Moon.
“Hello, Moon”, said the little monster that wasn’t little anymore.
“What is your name?”, said the Moon.
“I don’t have one”, said the monster and made some rain because he teared up.
“I shall call you Friend, then”, said the Moon. “Would you like that?”
The monster thought about it a bit and nodded.
“Why are you crying? Aren’t you happy you have a name now?”, said the Moon. It was a very curious moon.
“I can’t be happy because I don’t have a heart”, said the monster and made more rain.
“I have two hearts, each for every side of me, but I can work with one as well”, said the Moon and gave the monster one heart.

The monster that was now called Friend smiled and the rain stopped.

- Inspired by a story of Naoki Urasawa and dedicated to my Doctah

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Noon Gratuitous Out-of-Context Rubbish Doctor/Master Slash

[...] He stands up and walks towards the other side of the bed, stands in front of him; he looks so tall and The Doctor so small, curled up like that. Even though he’s wearing only his trousers he looks so fierce. He reaches behind The Doctor’s head and tugs at his hair, hard. He tugs more, backwards, making him look at him, his gaze piercing. His voice comes out restrained but strict, tinted unmistakably by anger and a dash of disgust towards The Doctor's reaction.

"Listen here. I just gave you clothes and your own room. I took the pain of PERSONALLY giving you nourishment, when all you’ve been was ungrateful, and I changed you back in your proper age for this regeneration because I genuinely thought you’ve learned your lesson. You DON’T want to prove me wrong, Doctor." 

The Master looks at him and tugs harder, while gritting his teeth. He rather feels offended by The Doctor's cowardice and he isn't not willing to stand up with this.

"You are the only other Time Lord in existence. Stop sobbing and act like one. I am giving you the world in a silver platter. All you need to do is trust me. I’ve already shown you I trust you more, haven’t I…?" 

He leans closer. 

 "HAVEN’T. I?" [...]

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sometimes, I wonder why and how do I even manage to stay (relatively) calm and stand my ground, collect my mind and speak my mind but not my heart. And then I remember I am better than this, I have to be collected and restrained, not let every little thing bother me and pretend the big ones don't affect me. I have to be stronger if I want to grow into the person I really want to be, feel proud about myself... I have a long way and I am now easier to break and to break down, gawd knows why. But I am very selfish, very selfish and arrogant and I always take things too seriously when I shouldn't because it's destroying me...

I don't know what I'm suppposed to do. I am too tired, maybe, to think straight. I get disappointed easily, when I clearly shouldn't because I am fucking used to it. I am. But now it matters more because I have more self respect and no tolerance towards people and their opinions, judgement and just mere... presence near me.

I have so many ulterior goals, long term, but all the short term BULLSHIT is just too much. Too much. How do I stay detached and unaffected..? How the fuck do I manage that? I'm afraid I forgot how to. My heart is tainted by emotion.
I hate it.