Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Noon Gratuitous Out-of-Context Rubbish Doctor/Master Slash

[...] He stands up and walks towards the other side of the bed, stands in front of him; he looks so tall and The Doctor so small, curled up like that. Even though he’s wearing only his trousers he looks so fierce. He reaches behind The Doctor’s head and tugs at his hair, hard. He tugs more, backwards, making him look at him, his gaze piercing. His voice comes out restrained but strict, tinted unmistakably by anger and a dash of disgust towards The Doctor's reaction.

"Listen here. I just gave you clothes and your own room. I took the pain of PERSONALLY giving you nourishment, when all you’ve been was ungrateful, and I changed you back in your proper age for this regeneration because I genuinely thought you’ve learned your lesson. You DON’T want to prove me wrong, Doctor." 

The Master looks at him and tugs harder, while gritting his teeth. He rather feels offended by The Doctor's cowardice and he isn't not willing to stand up with this.

"You are the only other Time Lord in existence. Stop sobbing and act like one. I am giving you the world in a silver platter. All you need to do is trust me. I’ve already shown you I trust you more, haven’t I…?" 

He leans closer. 

 "HAVEN’T. I?" [...]

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