Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kiriko and The Astonishing X-Men

My cat was caught sleeping again. On Logan, Steve and Charles.


  1. You have a comic-fan cat?
    Oh,I so much envy you :p

  2. She likes whatever I leave laying around, books, comics, manga, sketching paper (last night she slept on a Dalek drawing...).
    You name it, she likes it:P

    Prefers papery stuff tho', like me :)
    I *SO* wanna see her sleeping on my Kindle when it arrives. (Then I will remove her and place her to sleep elsewhere:P)

  3. Your cat seems to be a luddite, I don't think she will go anywhere near your Kindle :p
    With that name of hers I bet good money she is mostly fond of manga right? :p

    Hmmm,I think Kiriko and your Kindle just inspired me for my next article on my techie blog : text books will most likely move to e-books,tablets and the web by and large.

    That will happen sooner or later,but what about comics?
    Their format,texture and general "feel" is quite different, can e-books/tabs successfully house them?
    I love this,I'm rushing to the drawing board!! :))

  4. Nothing will truly substitute paper;) I'm saying that as an artist and reader.
    I work colouring comics on my pc but nothing beats touching the actual printed page. Most of the comics I own, I have them also stored in digital format for easy copy/pasting in articles, but I can't have them only in digital, it feels awkward, like something's missing.
    I am one of those weirdos that actually touch and even smell books, an e-reader or tab smells nothing like a book :P

    PS. Kiriko likes manga as well but they are small for her ample um... cat bottom that is.
    Her fav relaxing spots are Absolute Watchmen and Takeshi Obata Blanc Et Noir illustration book, they are both huge:P

  5. "I am one of those weirdos that actually touch and even smell books, an e-reader or tab smells nothing like a book :P "

    That makes two of us :p
    I agree but I fear that what will happen will mirror the transition from vinyl to CDs. The printed format will still exist but only for book lovers/smellers like us. In other words a very small volume will still be printed, from very few printing businesses-either for sentimental reasons or to address this need- and even that will eventually fade away...
    Yet we will still have our existing books and comics,
    which we will then have to take extra care to preserve!

    The first part of my article on e-books vs prints is on-air : http://t.co/pu2ckwD
    I'm tempted to dedicate it to Kiriko :P

  6. Read it yesterday (got you on my RSS now;) ) and what struck me is that you used that hella-old 1st Kindle :D

    Nice article, can't wait for the next part
    (mental thanx from Kiriko for the would-be dedication :3 )

  7. I just liked the picture :)

    Thanks,I will spy on you as well :p

    I also added a "many thanks to Kiriko and her owner for this line!"
    note at the end :)

  8. Yeah, saw it the other day but was too busy to answer, so I will now:
    I liked the whole article really much and btw thanks for the mention :D