Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doctor Who episode art challenge - 200 to 206 + personal updates

I decided not to post every poster as I make them, because there's too much spam. Feel free as to spam your friends with my work tho', hint hint nudge nudge ;)

As always: feel free to click on the image and be redirected to my DeviantArt account where you can download a biiiig version of these (or buy a print
hint hint nudge nudge).

Here goes!

200 The Christmas Invasion Christmas special

This is the one where we lose an Eccleston but gain a Tennant. The Ninth Doctor regenerates into the Tenth Doctor (my personal fav, along with my first, Four and Three), Rose is freaking out and the world is saved by a sword and a satsuma.
Featuring new teeth and not being ginger.

201 New Earth

The new Doctor gets acquainted to the cat nurses and the Face Of Boe (lovely fellah, you'll see), Rose has an identity crisis and a set of hearts is beating out a samba. 

202 Tooth And Claw

Queen Victoria is not amused in the thirds episode of series two, as she is involved in a rather dodgy case of werewolfism. The episode that features the rather ghastly phrase "Och aye, I've been oot n aboot...!".

 203 School Reunion

Chips fried in rather suspicious oil, Krillitanes flapping around and our Sarah Jane. Featuring our fav pet, K9 (Mark III and Mark IV). Affirmative, mastah.

 204 The Girl In The Fireplace

The Doctor snogs his way through 18th century France, gets drunk, rides a horse and drools over clockwork droids. "Oh, you are beaaaaaautiful..!"

205 Rise Of The Cybermen
206 The Age Of Steel

A nice two-parter exploring the rebirth of the Cybermen, where things get awkward because their creator is The Doctor's dad (IMDB it, people:P), Pete Tyler comes back and Rose is a wittle doggie.

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On other news, my Kindle Keyboard died. RIP Keyndle.

And I now look like this:

If you stumble upon me outside give me hugs or money. Or both. A project would be nice, as well :P I am told that the ladies like my hair. Feel free as to stroke or ruffle
it (fees may apply, drooling prohibited).

And this is an interview I gave to a (Greek only, I'll translate if someone requests it) magazine called Ροζ Καφενειο (Pink Cafe' ). 

Btw, if you want to meet me, I'll be in Athens this Christmas (also hosting a Doctor Who Christmas party, if interested) and you'd better not miss me, because... 
Well. Because of reasons.

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