Friday, April 23, 2010

The Birds, the Bees and the Arseholes

   Yesterday I had a brief conversation with a member of the opposite sex. I did not know him, he was an acquaintance from Facebook (where he added me because I was an anime fan). On Msn I didn't like his manner of talking to me and his kinda ironic tone. And I was suspicious as I always am towards strangers. He was sure he'd figure out all about me and then accused me of "having replaced sex positions with chocolate". I was furious of course and blocked/deleted him. He then sent me an insulting pm where he called me uncivilized, illiterate and other things (and of course, again, of not having any sex). The fact that people think that bitchy women are not having any sex always looked funny to me.I never had any tolerance for insults (except whenever I'm able to use my hands to wash the insults off the mouth of the insulter...), especially when coming from COMPLETE strangers, so it's only natural to me to be ticked off, if not offensive afterwards.. Go figure...

   The air yesterday, as I was heading to work, smelled like too much cinnamon on a veal stew. I hate this smell, it reminds me of my grandmother's cooking and, of course, my grandmother. I HATE her habit of shoving cinnamon sticks to every meat dish. HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT. Oh well, I was happy to hear good news afterwards, so I got over it and my stomach went back where it belongs (a.k.a. my belly and not the back of my neck). As I was heading towards the bus station I saw people drinking coffee on their porches. The weather was especially good (or good for them, I kinda despise heat).

  I'm looking forward to something now. Gonna see my nakamas again (you know who you are, X-men :P). I'm kind of drawn towards people these days, I need people around me, friends, but in the same time I hate other people so much... But some, I  love. Because they care enough to love me back, I love them even more. I'd give my arm for them.
I'm a walking controversy. I hate my guts but in the same time I'm the worst egotist on the planet. Lately, that is. Gonna fuck you up if you screw with me. Cause now I kinda like it. If I bother to care, I guess. No more fakes. I don't need them in my life. People should work hard to gain my trust. I know I'm not the easiest person on the planet, on the contrary. But I prefer being alone than having to deal with people that never understood me and/or will never understand me. Suffering alone makes me stronger. And more bitter. I'm not the only one here being bitter. But, when so many people are sugary tweets, I think the world needs some balance. I'm Jack's gallbladder. Extra bile. Let me be the wolf for your little red riding hood.

Mumbling again. Doesn't matter, it's my blog, SUCK IT.

PS Madagascar. My left arm for you. From the shoulder.
PPS Mugi-saaaan...


  1. Will you put some cinnamon on your post? :P

    Bitchy people do get sex. But not from those who claim that (bitcy people) don't get sex. A simple yet elegant solution.

  2. :P

  3. I've done it with two spoons, thanks to my ability to snuff cinnamon and create custard from my nipples. :)

  4. Hello Elli.
    Personally I love cinnamon,I've even written a poem called "Cinnamon",which I dedicated to...Dentyne Fire :p
    Still I also hated the cinnamon sticks my late grandmother loved to use in almost every meal she made.She was from Mikra Asia,so I guess she was to be excused.

    One last thing about the stupidly moronic "You need to get laid" line : I've noticed that it is invariably used by people who need(or think they need) to get laid themselves ;)

  5. Heh, maybe it's true...

    (My granny is not from M. Asia, so... No excuse!!! arggg)

  6. Well, I like cinnamon in general but you can't put it EVERYWHERE. As for the internet-guy-thing, well, I have exchanged online words with a total stranger only a couple of times: once with a half-Greek, half-American girl who worked as an editor in a webzine and lately with a Japanese cosplayer who loves the Speedgrapher anime as much as I do. That's it. As for the bitching, we love you the way you are (OK, I do - dunno about other people, nyah!)