Monday, April 5, 2010

You don't know what day it is (you just do what you're told) :P

On my chair again, into a blankie, only this time with the cat on my lap. She likes to sleep while I work and, occasionally, stroke her behind the ears. Maybe the slow humming of my pc is inspiring her, what can I say, I wish I could sleep for so many hours a day like a feline. These days I usually sleep for about 2 hours a day and thank Naoki Urasawa and Alan Moore (yeap, my two gods:P) that I have a pc and at least can check out what day it is...
'kinda like it tho'.. I think my body thinks it's tired but it doesn't show that much, maybe it's just a feeling of habit, that I *should* be tired. I'm just happy I get work done (sometimes tho' at a slower rate than I'd like to..)

But the relative quietness is rather refreshing, only me, my feline familiar, my Wacom (love you baby..), tea, headphones (the muffled sound of the keyboard keys - the temp ancient keyboard that I have yet to replace with a shiny new one...) and a bunch of episodes/films playing in the background. Or mp3s. I finished One Piece anime while working. it was simply epic. That's the one word that's able to describe it perfectly. An during breaks I finished the manga as well. Now I have to wait every week to read the next chapter. Man, such agony..! Eichiiro Oda, you are a bastard as well:P

Oh yeah, and we had Easter. Which to me is just another Sunday actually (especially this year:P).

Can't wait for Comicdom Con Athens 2010, to see how it goes and getting done with it:P It's nice but tiring :)
It's our 5th this year, so we kinda have a birthday, our little Con is a 5 y.o. toddler :)

Also, can't wait for my name-day and Sir Crocodile (kuhaaa-haaa-haaa-aaa-aaa | and a little thanks to Inky, cant wait, cant wait, yooosh, hahah) It's been so long since I've sat my bum down relaxing with friends. And I kinda like treating friends for my b-day/name-day.
Oh, well, back to work and my cinnamon milk. Ta!

PS: Note to the anonymous reader that scorned me about my mediocre english, based on the use of "I" a lot :
it's a personal blog after all, you twat.
Maybe this is better for you:
Or you can always jerk off with 4chan images. You know, for anonymous users... :P

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