Sunday, October 14, 2012

Doctor Who poster challenge wrap up 01

As I said here, I decided to start a little project for fun and practice reasons. The project has to do with illustrations, making a small minimal poster for each Doctor Who episode, the new show, not the Classic era Doctor. I've always liked minimal illustrations, so I'm going to be focusing on specific things from each episode and using them in the posters.So far, so good, even if the bi-logy of the Slitheen proved a challenge for my OCD tendencies (I couldn't resist, so I had to make Big Ben in all its' glory, or at least the part of Big Ben that my illustration needed).

Doctor Who poster challenge progress:
5 eps from series 1 done

101 Rose
102 The End Of The World
103 The Unquiet Dead
104 Aliens Of London
105 World War Three

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