Monday, June 14, 2010

Bro's b-day and spam

It's my younger brother's birthday today and I promised to spam people further with a song he wrote (collaboration with a friend of his). Sorry, it's in Greek, but foreigners can enjoy the music.
It's called Χωρίς Πληρωμή (Without Payment) and the two friend group Κούφια Καπέλα (Hollow Hats)

Tanjoubi omedetou, otouto!


  1. O Gios tou Poulikakou einai o aderfos sou?... diladi... eisai i kori tou Poulikakou!!!!1!!!! :P

  2. Heh, dunno how they came up with it.
    They didnt care *that* much about the song name either, I proposed that title:S

    They only cared about the song, heh