Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I haven't done this in my new blog.. KEYWORD TIME!!!!!

Boy, I love checking out the weird keywords people use to stumble on my blog. I can never understand tho'... Some of them are SO obscure that don't have anything to do with the blog, yet, people visit it regardless...
I mean.. why on earth would you click on "The Sleep Deprived 21th Century Psycho [ver 2.0F]" when searching for, dunno.. let's say "underage midget semi-porn literature". The blog's title is way beyond this search-subject and there's bound to be a small summary in the search results, which would clearly inform the person searching, that this blog is not about underage midget semi-porn literature...
But I could never understand people, so I won't try now...

Here goes then!
(this blog has less keywords than the previous, but anywayz..)

"francesca tronetti "  
She's an anthropologist, apparently. I think it maybe got linked because of the rss feeds on the right

is it bad for flautists to smoke?

99% the person who wrote that is a greek.... it's FLUTISTS, man... And yeah, smoking's bad for you whether a FLUTIST or not, so snap out of it:P

slod load fuking tobe sleeping

I can't even imagine imagining what this could be... Sounds like "it's a long road for king to be sleeping" tho.. Funny :P

wrong side of town ver online
No, dear sir, there wasn't any online version of this movie released, but maybe they ought to net-release it only (haven't seen it, but, I sometimes respect 3.8 out of 10 IMDB stars....)

elli moka

Oh!! I love you! That's my name! Bullseye!!!

kyle hotz, greece
Very kind man, met him this year along with his family, I love his inkwork, it's blacker than black.

"sleep deprived" "psycho" guy anime

I may use words like "dude" or "fuck" or "bitch" but I'm not a guy.


I love calling Comicdom Con Athens like that ahah (oh, that and 'DomCon :P)

flickr comicdom con 2010
I have a flickr but no fotos from this year's Con, soooorry

naoki urasawa
Urasawa-sensei... *sigh*

sleep in this century

I'd say no sleep in the century but it's still 2010, so who knows...

special person you want to annoy
Hahahahahaha why on earth you'd want to annoy a special person? (Special person= prime minister? a wizard? an autistic person? your wife?  Please specify).

Hope more weird keywords turn up, can't wait to see :D

Finally, I've made a background skin for my blog, hope you like.
I also used the same, with some alterations, on my Twitter profile :)
(I wish I could make the center block semi-transparent -maybe at 70%-80% white- but anywayz..)


  1. "special person you want to annoy"
    And they say love is dead.

  2. Ah... the old blog had so much more potential for that stuff (prolly because it was in Greek), although overall I like this blog better. It made me laugh until it hurt, especially your wry commentary ("δεν έχω καρδιά μου").

  3. @KOM "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die."

    @Speedgrapher Yeah maybe, because I had more entries :)