Monday, January 23, 2012

A wolf and a maiden in a lake

He looked at her sadly, a spark of rage about unresolved issues with the world gleaming in his stare. 
"The world, my lady, doesn't take kindly to dreamers. Nor treats people as it should. No matter how..."
He paused and looked at her affectionately, trying to be less offensive, as he genuinely knew she was not at fault for the ways of the world.
"..beautiful you start... you are not to be treated in equally beautiful ways. I know that. I feel that." 
He stroked the scars on his arm.

"Every day, I really do. And I have to constantly remind myself of my place. Your ways are kind, madame, you were raised as a person, you have compassion. I was raised as an animal and as an animal I struggle... Yet, you'd rather touch an animal and help him bathe..? As far as animal dreams go, this is sure the rarest and most wonderful in its' unpredictability..."

This is the longest he'd spoken in months. He nodded faintly and offered his hands to her.


  1. I've been meaning to ask you but kept forgetting. What is this?

    1. You'll laugh...

      It's actually me roleplaying/writing Edward Sexby :P

    2. (Not laughing.) I actually asked because it seemed very interesting. So well written! :)

    3. Thank you, I like that quote myself, sometimes when I read what I write and it doesnt seem like I wrote it, I like it. I'm like "wow, *I* wrote this? Heh." :)

      Well, yeaaaaah, my roleplaying sessions are ..interesting. My first one with my gf is practically a book (well, tiny one 124~ pages)