Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ready, Steady.... Whoah, whoah.. WAIT..!!!

I am supposed to move out this Saturday. Going back to the North, to Salonica. This means I must have packed everything and that I only have a change of clothes that I wear til' then and such things, right..?

WRONG! (insert a very specific BBC Sherlock gif here)

I am still working, I still have a bazillion things to do, I crash because my body wants to sleep, I am SO anxious and stressed and, oh, gawd, Harry, why must it always be like this...? Everything at the last time... At least, today, I remembered to eat lunch, which is good, right? 's good, definitely. Yeap.

I won't have internet for days, because the new house doesnt have a landline yet and UGH it's driving me insane! How am I supposed to things without net? Check the news and mails and talk to my girl..?
I am not ok with this. Not at all. Nettached much?

On other news. I got a haircut. This is where you're supposed to clap like mad, come on, standing ovation, people, no mop on my head anymore, I'll upload pics later today, or I won't, ha, hope you like surprises :P 

By the way, happy new March and buttfucks and oh we have our 7th Comicdom Con Athens this month, complete with exhibition and bazaar and our 2nd Cosplay Contest (yours truly is a judge again).

TROLOL, I'm gonna die before I see the premiere of the 2nd season of Game Of Thrones (Apr 1st)...


  1. Is this what they call "change"? I don't really like it... :P

    1. *holds a lighter in the air*

      (I had to, I just had to, I'm so sorry:P)

      No, no, nothing changed, it's just that The Bleach is going to be a lil' bit harder to follow now ^^

      (Why do I feel like re-watching Exile again? Maybe because John Simm's character is going back to the north and he hates it? *cough* I wonder why...)

    2. It will grow back. Just you wait and see! Mwa ha ha!!! (Sorry, I'm in evil mode again. Don't know how to switch it off.)

    3. Hey, not fair!
      (you dont *have* to switch it off, you know...)

    4. It may not be fair but you know I'm right... He he!

    5. Well. It tends to grow back. I'm ok with "it" but I always need a haircut ^^

    6. Why doesn't mine grow, damn it?

    7. Because you dont love it :P (trolol)

    8. Well, that's... It's... I give up. You got me.

    9. YES! Ha ha!
      *wiggles around*